live in london

2007 cd uk the store for music sfmcd053

recorded live in boston, massachusetts 1978

eddie jobson: electric violin, keyboards
john wetton:
lead vocals, bass guitar
allan holdsworth: guitars
bill bruford:
kit drums and percussion


  1. alaska   (e.jobson)

  2. time to kill   (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)

  3. the only thing she needs  (e.jobson, j.wetton)

  4. carrying no cross  (e.jobson, j.wetton)

  5. 30 years  (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)

  6. in the dead of night    (e.jobson, j.wetton)

  7. ceasar's place blues  (e.jobson, j.wetton)

    bonus tracks from john wetton's akustika "live in america sfmcd091"

  8. rendez-vous  (j.wetton, e.jobson)

  9. 30 years  (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)

  10. the smile has left your eyes  (j.wetton)

  11. christina  (j.wetton)