night after night extended

2019 blu-ray+2cd uk globe music

1979 live recording

eddie jobson: keyboards, electric violin
john wetton: bass, vocals
terry bozzio: drums, percussion

produced by eddie jobson

blu-ray + 2cd

  1. night after night  (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  2. danger money   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  3. the only thing she needs   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  4. nothing to lose   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  5. bass solo
  6. thirty years   (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)
  7. carrying no cross   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  8. rendezvous 6:02  (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  9. as long as you want me here   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  10. alaska   (e.jobson)
  11. time to kill   (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)
  12. violin solo
  13. time to kill - reprise   (e.jobson, j.wetton, b.bruford)
  14. by the light of day - part II     (e.jobson)
  15. presto vivace    (e.jobson)
  16. drum solo
  17. in the dead of night   (e.jobson, j.wetton)
  18. caesar's palace blues   (e.jobson, j.wetton)