ugly papas

papa rules, ok?
    – incl. ‘the satellites are spinning'  (sun ra)

1992 cd bel indisc dicd3767


luc dufourmont: voice
dick descamps: bass
paul drèze: drums
dr.dekerperl: guitar, vocals

all songs by dr. dekerpel, except where noted

  1. get your soul right
  2. facin' the crap
  3. xylocaine
  4. i asked for water (she gave me gasoline)  (c.burnett)
  5. saviour
  6. ascension day
  7. animal reservation
  8. she's my rock
  9. the bells  (ward, marks)
  10. worn to a shadow
  11. red light
  12. the satellites are spinning  (sun ra)
  13. the little voice from ispagnac