the tubes

     - feat.don van vliet; incl. 'my head is my only house' (van vliet)

2018 cd eu music on cd mocc13650

re-issue of the 1977 vinyl album

recorded in san francisco

  roger steen: lead guitar, vocals
  fee waybill: lead vocals
  bill 'the swami' spooner: lead guitar, vocals, etc
  re styles: vocals
  vince welnick: keyboards, etc
  rick anderson: bass
  prairie prince: drums
  michael cotton: synthesizers
  mingo lewis: percussion, etc
  don van vliet: saxophone on 8

produced by john anthony

  1. smoke (la vie en fumér)
  2. hit parade
  3. strung out on strings
  4. golden boy
  5. my head is my only house unless it rains (don van vliet)
  6. god-bird-change
  7. i'm just a mess
  8. cathy's clone
  9. this town
  10. pound of flesh
  11. you're no fun