john trubee and the ugly janitors of america

nude woman exdocrius

2015 lp usa trubee records 6900837

los angeles uja recorded september 24, 2013
john trubee: electric guitar * mark langton: vocals * bruce duff: electric bass, electric organ * mb gordy: drums, percussion * chas smith: pedal steel guitar

san francisco uja recorded december 4, 2013
john trubee: electric guitar * laurie amat: vocals * angelena kyzar: grand piano, background vocals * mark malmberg: hammond organ, baritone saxophone * mike mckevitt: electric bass * andy henning: drums * michael osborn: tabourine, maracas, crotales, timpani, chinese gong

graphic art and package design by jim blanchard

all music and lyrics by john trubee

side one

  1. when big tiny comes to town
  2. people are idiots
  3. time howls
  4. aldo ray

side two

  1. hag marcella
  2. draggin' you down into mediocrity
  3. spanish sunset exdocrius