john trubee and the ugly janitors of america

strange hippie sex carnival (4)

1989 lp ger musical tragedies records  mt 083

1987 studio recording

  john trubee: guitar, synthesizer
guests :
   larry gionni: trumpet
  scott wright: trumpet
  paul solomon: trumpet
  matt fleming: trombone
  toby holmes: trombone
  chris jennings: tenor sax
  chas smith: pedal steel guitar
  william smith: synthesizer
  roger silverware: synthesizer
  rik simmons: synthesizer
  jonathan mako sharkey: keyboards
  pat ireland: violin
  bruce duff: bass
  danny buchanan: bass
  michael rosen: drums, percussion
  blaze: drums, percussion
  mark langton: vocals

produced by john trubee  

  1. alienation  (j.trubee)
  2. when my ship rolls in  (j.trubee)
  3. memories of dreams of yesterday (part 1)  (j.trubee)
  4. copulating geckos  (j.trubee)
  5. now i step over your world  (j.trubee)
  6. babylon (throw your children to the fire)  (j.trubee)
  7. driving around new jersey on a summer night  (j.trubee)
  8. memories of dreams of yesterday (part 2)  (j.trubee)
  9. the last parade  (j.trubee)