john trubee and the ugly janitors of america

beyond eternity / lavender flesh  (3)

1986 lp usa cordelia records  ericat 020

1978 - 1985 studio + live recording

  john trubee: guitar, synthesizer, tapes, vocals
guests :
  bruce friedman: trumpet
  jim simcoe: soprano sax
  chas smith: pedal steel guitar
  marc mylar: tenor sax, synthesizer
  jim nevius: organ
  william smith: synthesizer
  brad laner: synthesizer
  danny buchanan: synthesizer
  roger silverware: synthesizer
  ophir shur: synthesizer
  jimmy weed: synthesizer
  freddy reed: synthesizer
  jonathan mako sharkey: keyboards
  bruce duff: bass
  jack vees: bass
  bob sandor: bass
  bill randazzo: bass
  jeanne lind huffman: bass
  m.b. gordy: drums
  michael rosen: drums
  jeff fish: percussion
  richie häss: percussion
  chris wahl: percussion
  jesse greenfield: percussion
  mark langton: vocals

produced by john trubee

  1. magnificent march of the dead monkeys  (j.trubee)
  2. blabbermouth bitch  (j.trubee)
  3. the end of infinity  (j.trubee)
  4. silly putty nostrils  (j.trubee)
  5. naked ladies  (j.trubee)
  6. jellyfish from space  (j.trubee)
  7. spanish sunset   (j.trubee)
  8. zoozer vlahger  (j.trubee)
  9. accelerating towards nirvana  (j.trubee)
  10. dildo factory  (j.trubee)
  11. too bad about you  (j.trubee)
  12. they call me mister ugly  (j.trubee)
  13. prayer to satan  (j.trubee)
  14. benediction for the monkey  (j.trubee)
  15. infinity, infinity, vast dark infinity  (j.trubee)
  16. dig zis, elroy  (j.trubee)
  17. earwax in the toilets  (j.trubee)
  18. the gecko discovers nebulous wonders of inner space  (j.trubee)