john trubee & the ugly janitors of america

naked teenage girls in outer space  (2)

1985 lp usa restless records  72042 1

1985 studio recording

  john trubee: guitar, tapes, vocals
guests :
  bruce friedman: trumpet
  hugh schick: trumpet, flugelhorn
  ira nepus: trombone
   ain n'boddy: trombone
  marc mylar: tenor sax, clarinet
  larry taylor: bassoon, flute, harmonica, percussion
  jimmy smack: bagpipes
  chas smith: pedal steel guitar
  william smith: synthesizer
  rik simmons: synthesizer
  jonathan mako sharkey: keyboards
  bruce duff: bass
  jack vees: bass
  m.b. gordy: drums, percussion
  michael rosen: drums, percussion, harmonica
  bars carmichael: percussion
  richie häss: percussion
  jeff fish: percussion
  mark langton: vocals
  d.c. smooth: backing vocals

produced by john trubee  

  1. mental illness can be beautiful  (j.trubee)
  2. field of corpses  (j.trubee)
  3. john henry  (j.vees)
  4. trout's daughter  (j.trubee)
  5. enchanted dance of the humorless ill, tempered corporate executives  (j.trubee)
  6. naked teenage girls in outer space  (j.trubee)
  7. wprb  (j.trubee)
  8. at the carnival  (j.trubee)
  9. leper in the shadows  (j.trubee)