john trubee and the ugly janitors of america

the communists are coming to kill us !  (1)

1984 lp usa enigma records  e 1042

1974 - 1983 studio + live recording

  john trubee: guitar, synthesizer, tapes, vocals
guests :
  jim simcoe: soprano sax
  jim nevius: organ
  fred reed: synthesizer
  ophir shur: synthesizer
  roger silverware: synthesizer
  jonathan mako sharkey: keyboards
  jack vees: bass
  m.b. gordy: drums
  chris wahl: percussion
  dan buchanan: vocals
  chris leadem: vocals

 produced by john trubee

  1. we are all dying  (j.trubee)
  2. atomic tests  (j.trubee)
  3. colonel beep  (j.trubee)
  4. the world of mister cool  (j.trubee)
  5. dumping buckets of phlegm on bitchy old ladies  (j.trubee)
  6. shredded bread crumbs  (j.trubee)
  7. i couldn't get through  (j.trubee)
  8. don't cuss, mister  (j.trubee)
  9. cram the plastic down my throat !  (j.trubee)
  10. goddamn college girl  (j.trubee)
  11. you gotta be 21  (j.trubee)
  12. got any earwigs ?  (j.trubee)
  13. golden scotch synthesis  (j.trubee)
  14. the everlasting candy bar of life  (j.trubee)
  15. (rich snobbish nebishes of the) high class  (j.trubee)
  16. queen of angels  (o.shur, j.sharkey, d.buchanan)
  17. chris leadem describes hell  (c.leadem)
  18. my last bird  (j.trubee, j.nevius, f.reed)
  19. my asthma problem  (j.trubee)
  20. metallic chimes  (j.trubee, r.silverware)
  21. beyond space and time  (j.trubee, j.nevius, f.reed)
  22. a room for two  (j.trubee)
  23. we want birth control  (j.trubee)
  24. geriatric care  (j.trubee)
  25. call to a funeral home at midnight  (j.trubee)
  26. satan pukes on the high school cheerleaders  (j.trubee)