- incl. 'peaches en regalia'  (frank zappa)

2014 cd usa private release

  kathy halvorson: oboe, english horn
  katie scheele: english horn
  mark snyder: oboe, english horn
  eleanor dubinsky: vocals  5
  eleanor norton: cello  5
  chris cash: percussion  5
  christof knoche: bass clarinet  6, 7, 13
  jamie leonhart: vocals  7
  scott kettner: percussion  7
  keith bonner: flute / piccolo  13
  libby van cleve: oboe overdubs  13
  scott anderson: rhodes piano  13
  humberto delolmo: clarinet and percussion  14

produced, mixed and mastered by scott anderson

  1. decarissimo  (astor piazzolla, arr. scott anderson)

    three selections from 8 short pieces  (igor stravinsky, arr. david bussick)
  2. andantino
  3. larghetto
  4. moderato
  5. missouri sky  (eleanor dubinsky, arr. k.halvorson)
  6. love is this  (kathy halvorson, humberto delolmo)
  7. christmas rollout  (john wriggle)
  8. caravan  (ellington, mills, arr. scott anderson)
  9. etude no.5  (heitor villa-lobos, arr. scott anderson)
  10. silver pharaoh  (pamela sklar)
  11. the sky, the earth, and the afterworld  (pamela sklar)
  12. my funny valentine  (rodger & hart, arr kathy halvorson & christof knoche)
  13. peaches en regalia  (frank zappa, arr. kathy halvorson)
  14. music for marcel duchamp  (john cage, arr. kathy halvorson)