john tabacco

unfulfilled shopping carts syndrome
    - incl. 'how could i be such a fool?'  (f.zappa)

2014 download usa muffin records productions

re-released on cdr in 2017

john tabacco: lead vocals, keyboards, bass, drum programming, brass
patricia amendolia: voice actor  4  harmony vocals  17
joe gioglio: electric guitar  6
chris pati: lead guitar  8
eric block: brass  10
anthony pomes: lead guitar  11
danny lipsitz: tenor saxophone  11
peter kearns: backing vocals, harmony vocals  13, 20  keyboards  21
dan ehrlich: bass, drum programming  18
barry hartglass: bass  20
flaxseed beefalo: dialogue  21
margret inthrax: dialogue  21
jim dexter: electric guitar  21
susan devita: vocals  21
v. caroleo: voice  21

  1. the way i see it
  2. how could i be such a fool?  (f.zappa)
  3. let's build a ship
  4. paper thin
  5. heaven is easy
  6. easier to love
  7. why, why mess with me?
  8. falling love for all the wrong reasons
  9. the second arrangement
  10. she'd be home right now
  11. d.t.f.m. / wake me when it'sover
  12. dreaming of woodwings
  13. unending waltz
  14. ditch the ring
  15. there's a drone out there, man
  16. it's over now
  17. hate devides, love multiplies
  18. open up (lost an found)
  19. flame you carry
  20. fading away in slumber
  21. flaxseed beefalo and margret inthrax montage
  22. unfulfilled shopping cart waltz