stefano tamburini

(August 18, 1955 - April 1986)

Italian comic book artist and writer Stefano Tamburini has used a Zappa-like figure in some of his comics.

Stefano is also the writer of RanXerox, a comic that he made with Tanino Liberatore.
The album cover of "The Man From Utopia" shows Frank Zappa as RanXerox.

The picture on the right shows Stefano Tamburini - Frank Zappa - Tanino Liberatore in Rome 1982.

Stefano Tamburini also was a musician. In 1981, he released "Mongoholy-Naz / Thalidomusic For Young Babies" as a slim cassette release in an edition of a few dozen copies.
This album got re-released by the Plastica Marella record label in 2017 on vinyl. 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on clear vinyl.




Stefano Tamburini's "Fuzzy Rat" comic.

The page is taken from the "Banana Meccanica" anthology.


"Fuzzy Rat" appeared in :

  • as "Fuzzy Rat" in Combinazioni n 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • as "Morning Glory" in Zombie International, oct/nov 1977
  • as "Carrara" in Stampa Alternativa, dec 1975
  • as "Ekonomia E Finanza" in Hot Minestrone, 1976
Banana Meccanica

Coniglio Editore, 2006

the album cover of the 2017 vinyl re-issue of the 1981 cassette release, depicting Stefano Tamburini.


  stefano tamburini: mongoholy-nazy / thalidomusic for young babies
    (2017, 2lp, italy, plastica marella) - re-release of the 1981 cassette edition

tamburini_2lp.jpg (38104 bytes)




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