alex von schlippenbach - aki takase

live at café amores
    - incl.'you are what you is' (frank zappa)

2018 cd lithuania nobusiness records nbcd 106

recorded live on the 16th august, 1995 at café amores, hofu, yamaguchi, japan

aki takase: grand piano
alex von schlippenbach: grand piano

  1. jackhammer  (a.von schlippenbach)
  2. na, na, na, na... ist das der weg?  (a.von schlippenbach)
  3. you are what you is (frank zappa)
  4. mingus-mix: dukes choice - boogie stop shuffle  (charles mingus / aki takase)
  5. mysterioso - evidence (thelonious monk)
  6. skippy  (thelonious monk)
  7. lulu's backin town  (harry warren)
  8. the morlocks (a.von schlippenbach)