david torn - mick karn - terry bozzio


1994 cd ger cmp cd 1006

david torn: guitars, loops + processing, hammond b-3, harmonica, fake koto, tiny piano & voice
mick karn: fretless bass, bass clarinet, dida & greek voice
terry bozzio: drums, percussion, bodhran, dumbek, throaty french horn

composed and performed by torn, karn & bozzio

  1. honey sweating
  2. palms for lester
  3. open letter to the heart of diaphora
  4. bandaged by dreams
  5. warrior horsemen of the spirit thundering over hills of doubt to a place of hope
  6. snail hair dune
  7. this is the abduction scene
  8. red sleep
  9. res majuko
  10. city of the dead