john trubee & the ugly janitors of america

song demo for a helen keller world

2002 cdr usa private release

recorded between december 28, 1998 and januari 1, 1999
in north hollywood

john trubee: electric guitar
mark langton: vocals
greg degler: tenor sax
chas smith: pedal steel guitar
richie hass: vibraphone, tambourine and shakers
bruce duff: electric bass
michael rosen: drums and percussion
m.b.gordy: drums, bongos and percussion

produced by john trubee

  1. little boy melvin rides again
  2. twilight song
  3. take a shit on me
  4. the rain keeps falling
  5. the rain keeps a-tumblin' down
  6. trubee's lament
  7. many whores copulate for money