john trubee & the ugly janitors of america

blind man's penis, prank phone calls, & incredibly beautiful music

1999 cdr usa private release

john trubee
the ugly janitors of america

produced by john trubee

  1. now i step over your world
  2. infinity, infinity, vast dark infinity
  3. a hollywood harlot for miniature golf
  4. cast me off in the shadows
  5. polychromates in the mangesium bonding material
  6. deaf woman's vagina
  7. blind man's penis
  8. when my ship rolls in
  9. summer sun
  10. electric bemis
  11. driving around new jersey on a summer night
  12. numismatic phantasmagoria
  13. you're getting old
  14. white enamel
  15. gonna be a hard rain
  16. zsa zsa gabor earwig
  17. lubrication for her diaphragm
  18. drug hotline in trenton, n.j., 1980
  19. nazi armymen / taint the paint with urine
  20. punch me again ya drunken idiot! (excerpt)