fredrik thordendal's special defects

sol niger within

1997 cd swe ultimate audio entertainment uae disc 4

fredrik thordendal: guitar, vocals, bass, synthesizers
mats öberg: church organ and synthesizer
jonas knutsson: sax
jerry ericsson: bass
kantor magnus larsson: church organ
victor alneng: yidaki
morgan ågren: drums
marcus persson: priams screams
tomas haake: psychonaut's voice
jennie thordendal: gallskrik

  1. the beginning of the end of extraction (evolutional slow down)
  2. the executive furies of the robot lord of death
  3. descent to the netherworld
  4. ... och stjärnans namn var malört
  5. dante's wild inferno
  6. i, galactus
  7. skeletonization
  8. sickness and demoniacal dreaming
  9. uforia
  10. z1-reticuli
  11. transmigration of souls
  12. in reality all is void
  13. krapp's last tape
  14. through fear we are unconscious
  15. death at both ends
  16. bouncing in a bottomless pit
  17. the sun door
  18. painful disruption
  19. vitamin k experience (a hommage to the scientist / john lilly)
  20. cosmic vagina dentata organ
  21. sensorium dei
  22. magickal theatre .33
  23. z2-reticuli
  24. de profundis
  25. existence out of joint
  26. on a crater's verge
  27. solarization
  28. the end of the beginning of contraction
    (involutional speed up / preparation for the big crunch)
  29. tathagata