de sufgerukte wallies


1993 cd nl private release

comes in a wooden box with a turning front panel

liefdesspelonk vonk (berend vonk) : vocals, guitar, melodica
willem windekind: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, vocals
dingo vonk (bart vonk): drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, trumpet, sampler, backing vocals
sunny pedaal: organ, synth, accordeon, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, harmonica, violin, backing vocals, vocals
safari safari (cesco visbeek) : bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, vocals

produced by de sufgerukte wallies

  1. mario
  2. spookrijderspeen
  3. louie louie
  4. shoeshine
  5. wielie is in het land
  6. 7 chicks of the apocalypse
  7. timothy-sue
  8. wallie verheezen
  9. koale make de lampe nit oet
  10. doomsdaydown
  11. bernadette
  12. draoch'nzwien
  13. on the beach