studio tan

shit happens
incl. various frank zappa compositions

1994 k7 nl private release

recorded live on 1994/02/04 at 'studio chateau' in tilburg, nl

allaert: vocals & alt sax
arjan: guitar & vocals
frank: bass
hans: guitar & vocals
henk: guitar, vocals & bandoleon
louis: drums
rik: tenor and baritone sax, clarinet


side one

  1. cosmik debris  (f.zappa)
  2. life is rolling  (allaert)
  3. from the wallet to the heart  (frank & allaert)
  4. living like robots  (allaert & kriminals)
  5. shit happens  (allaert & frank)
  6. king kong  (f.zappa)

side two

  1. easeback trainchair  (allaert)
  2. i'm the slime  (f.zappa)
  3. take your clothes off  (f.zappa)
  4. zeemansliedballade  (frank & allaert)
  5. zoot  (frank)
  6. black napkins  (f.zappa)