stack waddy

so who the hell is stack waddy? the complete works 1970-72
    - incl.'sure nuff 'n' yes i do' (van vliet), 'willie the pimp' (frank zappa)

2017 3cd uk cherry red records cdtred713

= compilation

john knail: vocals, harp
mick stott: guitar
stuart banham: bass
steve revell: drums

disc one - "stack waddy"

  1. roadrunner (mcdaniels)
  2. bring it to jerome (green)
  3. mothballs (knail/banham/revell/stott)
  4. sure nuff 'n' yes i do (van vliet/bermann)
  5. love story (anderson)
  6. suzie q (hawkins/lewis/broodwater)
  7. country line special (davies)
  8. rolling stone (morganfield)
  9. mystic eyes (morrison)
  10. kentucky (knail/banham/revell/stott)

disc two - "bugger off!"

  1. rosalyn (duncan/farley)
  2. willie the pimp (zappa)
  3. hoochie coochie man (dixon)
  4. it's all over now (womack)
  5. several yards (knail/banham/stott/groom)
  6. you really got me (davies)
  7. i'm a lover not a fighter (miller)
  8. meat pies 'ave come but band's not here yet
  9. it ain't easy (unknown)
  10. long tall shorty (covay/abramson)
  12. repossession boogie (knail/banham/stott/groom)

side three - "hunt the stag - outtakes, live and rarities"

  1. with one leap dan was by her side, "muriel" he breathed
  2. ginny jo
  3. hunt the stag
  4. mystic eyes
  5. (almost) milk cow booze
  6. leavin' here
  7. i'm a lover not a fighter
  8. here comes the glimmer man
  9. nadine
  10. mama keep your big mouth shut
  11. repossession boogie
  12. lawdy miss clawdy... meets sooty 'n sweep
  13. jack & jill meet blind pugh on the spot
  14. mama keep your big mouth shut