again & again

2014 cd sweden country & eastern ce31

recorded on 1975/08/26, except for 'again' recorded on 2014/08/24 and 'innocence' in 1973.

christer bothén: quinbri, donso n'goni, ballani, bass clarinet, tenor sax, piano
bengt berger: drums, mridangam, calebash
nikke ström: bass
kjell westling: flutes, ballani, bass clarinet, sopranino and alto saxophones


  1. djinna mossour  (trad. arr. christer bothén)
  2. mali donso n' goni  (bothén)
  3. pojkarna pdl  (bothén)
  4. balasong  (bothén)
  5. the jungle  (berger, bothén, ström, westling)  (incl. quotations from 'the jungle is a skyscraper' (o.coleman))
  6. haga  (bothén)
  7. innocence  (berger, bothén)
  8. again  (berger, bothén, ström)  (incl. quotations from '9+10' (christer bothén) and 'desireless (don cherry))