the sound of urchin

the diamond
- feat. robbie 'seahag' mangano

2005 cd usa hybrid recordings hy20042


tomato: drums, lead vocals, caio, lk-6 ligh-up keyboard
b-ill: lead guitar, right channel, main backup vocals
doo doo: bass, backup vocals
seahag: lead guitar, left channel, backup vocals, xylophone

all lyrics and music written by tomato, except where noted

  1. police helicopters over brooklyn
  2. the jock-o-lantern
  3. there are people in the clouds
  4. bomb me
  5. dracula bite
  6. white dove
  7. blown away
  8. howling at the moon
  9. sometims
  10. the door
  11. last december  (tomato, be king)

    bonus tracks
  12. the diamond
  13. rock n' roll forever
  14. times square 5:00 a.m.