the sonics

the jerden years 1966-69
    - incl.'diddy wah diddy' (dixon, mcdaniel), 'anyway the wind blows' (f.zappa)

2001 cd spain mr cd 204

gerry roslie: organ, piano, lead vocals
andy parypa: bass
larry parypa: lead guitar, vocals
rob lind: saxophone, vocals, harmonica
bob bennett: drums  

  1. the witch
  2. you've got your head on backwards
  3. i'm a man
  4. on the road again
  5. psycho
  6. dirty old man
  7. i'm going home
  8. high time
  9. i'm a rolling stone
  10. like no other man
  11. maintaining my cool
  12. bama lama lu
  13. leave my kitten alone
  14. hanky panky
  15. diddy wah diddy  (dixon, mcdaniel)
  16. anyway the wind blows (pt.1)  (f.zappa)
  17. anyway the wind blows (pt.2)  (f.zappa)
  18. loveitis
  19. always leve her
  20. lost love
  21. good hard rock
  22. once again
  23. i'll stay with you
  24. i'm right
  25. only she would do
  26. love lights
  27. goodbye
  28. near my soul
  29. wake me, shake me
  30. you're in love