live in melbourne

2015 lp usa secret records sr05

3-sided album, side 4 is screen printed, ltd numbered edition of 300 copies

    (2019, 2lp, usa, secret records sr05) = neon magenta vinyl with sreen printed side 4, 175 numbered copies
    (2019, 2lp, usa, secret records sr05) = neon magenta vinyl, 250 numbered copies

recorded live at melbourne university, australia, march 5, 1981

snakefinger: vocals, slide guitar
george b. george: bass, backing vocals
john ryan: drums
carlos cadona (aka 6025) of miguel bertel: guitar


side one

  1. smelly tongues  (snakefinger, the residents)
  2. trashing all the loves of history  (snakefinger)
  3. don't lie  (snakefinger, the residents)
  4. living in vain  (snakefinger, the residents)
  5. i love mary  (public domain)

side two

  1. the golden goat  (snakefinger, the residents)
  2. picnic in the jungle  (snakefinger, the residents)
  3. jinx  (b.reininger, tuxedomoon)
  4. kill the great raven  (snakefinger, the residents)
  5. corrupted man  (snakefinger, the residents)

side three

  1. man in the dark sedan  (snakefinger, the residents)
  2. who is the culprit & who is the victim  (snakefinger, the residents)
  3. jesus was a leprechaun  (snakefinger, the residents)
  4. what wilbur  (snakefinger, the residents)
  5. the spot  (snakefinger, the residents)