sly 'n' boyle

tthe original bitterroot boys
     - incl. 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)

2007 cd ger private release / guma music lc 01368

reorded in march 2007

frank sly: guitar, backing vocals, one-note violin
james boyle: lead vocals, mandoline, backing vocals


  1. you ain't seen nothing yet  (r. bachman, c.f. turner)
  2. kiss  (r.nelson (prince))
  3. these boots are made for walking  (l. hazlewood)
  4. more than a feeling  (t. scholz)
  5. i'd love you to want me  (r. kent la voie)
  6. king of the road  (r. miller)
  7. ring of fire  (j. cash)
  8. bobby brown  (f. zappa)
  9. dreams  (s. nicks (fleetwood mac))
  10. you ain't seen nothing yet - radio mix
  11. these boots are made... -- radio mix
  12. ring of fire - extended remix

    bonus live tracks
  13.  bad  (m. jackson)
  14. highway star  (gillan, glover, blackmore, lord, paice)