scattered hurricanes
    feat. ike willis / incl. 'black napkins' (frank zappa)

2018 cd italy lazarimus


   filippo bellavia: lead and backup vocals, guitar, harp
  antonello di simone: bass
  guido piron: skins, cymbals
  ike willis: lead vocals  2
  martin bellavia: guitar solo  7
  ruben bellavia: drums  8
  emanuela bellavia: backing vocal  1

produced by showbiz

  1. shark
  2. couch potato
  3. do you think that i love you?
  4. did you get it?
  5. party song
  6. blues mother
  7. martanya
  8. twenty meters
  9. all along the watchtower  (bob dylan)
  10. black napkins  (frank zappa)
  11. do you feel like we do  (peter frampton)