sheik yerbouti feat. napoleon murphy brock

zappa spielt fr bach
    - all compositions by frank zappa ; feat.n.m.brock

2010 cd ger sjs-edition nr.4

recorded in concert at the st.katharinenkirche in hamburg, germany on 2009/08/11

sheik yerbouti
  'doc' jrg heuser: guitar, vocals
  thomas jung: keyboards, vocals
  andy mertens: bass, vocals
  george rademacher: guitar, vocals
  thomas rath: drums, vocals
  harry sebel: vocals
  napoleon murphy brock: vocals, flute

 all compositions by frank zappa

  1. don't eat the yellow snow

  2. the meek shall inherit nothing

  3. tush, tush, tush (ansagen)

  4. oh no

  5. son of orange county

  6. more trouble every day

  7. evelyn, a modified dog

  8. yo' mama

  9. let's move to cleveland

  10. village of the sun

  11. 20 small cigars

  12. uncle remus

  13. i'm the slime

  14. the evil prince

  15. pojama people

  16. cosmik debris

  17. muffin man