sheik yerbouti

unverschämtheit - volume 2
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2009 cd ger goodlife records sycd0901

  jörg 'doc' heuser: guitar, backing vocals, horn arrangements
  thomas jung: keyboards, backing vocals
  andy mertens: bass, backing vocals
  george rademacher: guitar, backing vocals
  harry sebel: lead vocals, additional keyboards, percussion
  marco steffen: drums
the horny hornz
  almut schlichting: baritone sax
  volker prinz: trombone
  ali beierbach: tenor sax
  nils wallstädt: trumpet
  heiko hubman: trumpet
  menzel mutzke: trumpet
  uwe schmidt: trumpet
  rupert hoffmann: trumpet

mixed and mastered by andy mertens

produced by sheik yerbouti

  1. heavy duty judy

  2. brown shoes don't make it

  3. the grand wazoo

  4. stinkfoot

  5. i'm the slime

  6. easy meat

  7. tinseltown rebellion

  8. the torture never stops

  9. i have been in you

  10. the meek shall inherit nothing

  11. yo' jaco (solo from 'yo' mama)

  12. strictly genteel