sheik yerbouti

torture time now...
    – all compositions by frank zappa

1994 k7-demo ger private release

härry noll: vocals
andy mertens: bass
jürgen nick: drums
stephan werthes: sax, b-vox
george rademacher: guitar, b-vox
kai rothfuchs: guitar, b-cox
thomas 'tj' jung: keyboards, b-vox

tracks 1 - 6, recorded 1994/02
tracks 7 - 11, recorded 1992/12

  1. baby snakes (frank zappa)
  2. easy meat (frank zappa)
  3. rdnzl (frank zappa)
  4. any kind of pain (frank zappa)
  5. montana (frank zappa)
  6. dirty love (frank zappa)
  7. i'm the slime (frank zappa)
  8. zoot allures (frank zappa)
  9. trouble every day (frank zappa)
  10. cosmik debris (frank zappa)
  11. yo'mama (frank zappa)