sheik yerbouti

the big note
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2000 cdr ger private release


  1. shine on you crazy diamond part1 (pink floyd)
  2. trouble every day (frank zappa)
  3. tinseltown rebellion (frank zappa)
  4. st.etienne (frank zappa)
  5. welcome to the united states (frank zappa)
  6. titties 'n' beer (frank zappa)
  7. black napkins (frank zappa)
  8. big leg emma (frank zappa)
  9. the dangerous kitchen (frank zappa)
  10. king kong (frank zappa)
  11. dinah moe humm (frank zappa)
  12. bobby brown - karakoke (frank zappa)
  13. rdnzl (frank zappa)
  14. camarillo brillo (frank zappa)
  15. muffin man (frank zappa)