l. shankar  /  shenkar

From 1975 until 1977, L.Shankar played with Shakti (with John McLaughlin). They recorded three albums and toured extensively.

Shankar performed with Zappa in concert, and Zappap produced and contributed to Shankar's "Touch Me There" album. It got released on Zappa's label.  






selected discography

  shakti with john mclaughlin: shakti
    (1975, lp, usa, columbia) - feat. l.shankar
  shakti with john mclaughlin: a handful of beauty
    (1976, lp, usa, columbia) - feat. l.shankar
  shakti with john mclaughlin: natural elements
    (1977, lp, usa, columbia) - feat. l.shankar
1 l. shankar: touch me there (1)
   (1979; lp, usa, zappa records)  - produced by, co-written by & feat. frank zappa
  l. shankar: dead girls of london
   (1979, 7", usa, zappa)  - produced by, co-written by & feat. frank zappa

shankar: who's to know - indian classical music
1981, lp, ??, ??)


shankar: vision
1984, lp, ??, ??)


shankar: song for everyone
1985, cd, ??, ??)


shankar / caroline: the epidemics
1986, cd, ??, ??) 


the epidemics: do what u do
1988, cd, ??, ??) 


the epidemics: eye catcher
1989, cd, ??, ??) 


shankar: nobody told me
1989, cd, ??, ??)


shankar: pancha nadai pallavi
1990, cd, ??, ??) 


shankar: m.r.c.s.
1991, cd, ??, ??) 


shankar: soul searcher
1991, cd, ??, ??)

59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)


shankar with zakir hussain & vikku vinayakram: raga aberi
1995, cd, ??, ??)

  tony levin: world diary
    (1995, cd, usa, papa bear records) - feat. l.shankar

tony_levin_worlddiary.jpg (17383 bytes)


shankar: enlightenment
1999, cd, ??, ??)



frank zappa: everything is healing nicely
   (1999, cd, usa, barking pumpkin)


shankar: eternal light
    (2000, cd, ??, ??) 


shankar & gingger: one in a million
2001, cd, ??, ??)

  rhydhun: taufiq
    (2001, cd, ger, cmp cmpcd 81) - feat. l. shankar
  john mclaughlin: montreux concerts
    (????, 17 cd-box, ??, ??) - including two shakti concerts


frank zappa: halloween
    (2003, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01101-9-9)


shankar & gingger: celestial body
2004, cd, ??, ??) 


shenkar: open the door
2007, cd, ??, ??) 

  various artists: the frank zappa aaafnraaa birthday bundle 21 dec 2008
    (2008, itunes, -) - feat. frank, dweezil, ahmet & diva zappa

aaafnraaa2008.jpg (24142 bytes)

18 shenkar: face to face
    (2009, cd, ??, ??)
  jonathan davis and the sfa: alone i play / live at the union chapel
    (2011, cd + dvd, eu, music in motion mim 003-2) - feat. shenkar

jonathandavis_liveattheunionchapel.jpg (28477 bytes)

  various artists: shark gathering in post industrial bad doberan 2012
    (2013, 3dvdr, ger, private release / rr productions) - feat. frank zappa, l.shankar, the ensemble modern & incl. various bands playing zappa compositions
zappanale_exhib2012_01.jpg (42170 bytes) zappanale_exhib2012_02.jpg (41900 bytes)

zappanale_exhib2012_03.jpg (49802 bytes)

  warren cuccurullo: n'liten up
    (2015, download, --, bandcamp) - feat. joe travers, dale bozzio, shenkar
wc_nlitenup.jpg (25547 bytes)



random notes

L.Shankar and John McLaughlin jammin' in 1977.


Born: Apr 26, 1950 in Madras, India

This violinist has found a comfortable style that melds and combines classical Indian influences and jazz devices. He moved to America in 1969, eventually earned a doctorate in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan, where he began meeting jazz musicians like Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Garrison, and John McLaughlin while working as a teaching assistant and concert master of the university chamber orchestra. He studied with McLaughlin in 1973, and two years later, they cofounded the group Shakti, which was active until 1978.  During the '80s and beyond, Shankar has recorded periodically as a leader, doing both jazz-based material and Indian classical music.
He's also worked with rockers Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Frank Zappa.

-- Ron Wynn

* * *

Has been playing with Peter Gabriel since the mid 80's, and appeared on the Tonight Show several months ago with PG's band.  He and bass player Tony Levin performed a silly dance during one of the songs. 
Shankar is featured prominently on Material's new album "Hallucination Engine". This album also features the ever-scintillating vocals of writer & Zappa-fave William S. Burroughs. (source: my record collection)

Shankar has a band called "Shankar & Caroline". I saw them play at the Realworld festival last year at St. Austell. They have released at least one album, but I'm not overwhelmed.

He was present for at least one of the "soirees" at Zappa's house in '93, and got to rock out with The Chieftans, Johnny Guitar Watson, and the Tuvan Throat Singers.  This is evidenced in the A&E biography on Zappa.

     From: Alastair Mabbott (a.mabbottNOSPAM@edinburgh.almac.co.uk)
He played on Echo & The Bunnymen's "Porcupine" LP as well. I've got a tape of a gig they did at Sefton Park in Liverpool with Shankar contributing quite heavily and, I must say, to great effect.

There's an excellent Shankar page at:

     From: Jon Naurin (naurin@mbox300.swopnet.se)
The great Berlin show (9/7/78), where the bill was shared with Peter Gabriel, Brand X and Mahavishnu Orchestra led to Frank's first contact with Shankar.

     From: Robert Garvey (robertgSOMANYDYNAMOS@dnai.com)
His brother, violinist L. Subramanian, also lives in the Los Angeles area.  He's also done a broad range of work.  There's an FZ connection there, too.  His Blossom album, a jazz release from 1981, features Dave Parlato on bass. 

2007 08 05

Shankar is Shenkar




-- Bill Flynn (AKA Bill Not Lantz from affz)





(all credits for violin unless otherwise noted)


random notes

2008 12

L.Shankar (or Shenkar as he's called nowadays) has been touring with Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn).

An audience recording of the Bochum concert recently turned up.



Additional informants:
- Ryan Davenport (sleds@home.com)
- alon harris (alonh@bezeqint.net)
- Robert Garvey (robertg@dnai.com)

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