shakers n' bakers

yf-z (yearning for zion)

2008 cd usa little (i) music cd 103

mary larose, miles griffith: vocals
jeff lederer: tenor, soprano saxophones
jamie saft: baldwin electric harpsichord, organ, piano
chris lightcaps: basses
allison miller: drums

all arrangements and original composition by jeff lederer

  1. in me canoe (shaker vision song)

  2. even shakers get the blue  (based on john adams 'road movies part 2' with shaker texts)

  3. the roar of g_d  (based on gyorgy ligeti 'hungarian rock' with shaker texts)

  4. scour and scrub (shaker vision song)

  5. chinese!!! (shaker vision song)

  6. lay me low (shaker vision song)

  7. laghing john's interrogatory (shaker vision song)

  8. yearning for zion

  9. limber zeal (based on arvo part's 'spiegel im spiegel' with shaker texts)