shakers n' bakers

shakers n' bakers

2006 cd usa little (i) music cd 102


mary larose: vocals, bontempi electric pump organ
miles griffith: vocals
jeff lederer: saxophone, clarinet, bontempi electric pump organ, piano, ankle bells on 7
jamie saft: baldwin electric harpsichord, rmi rocksichord, cclavichord, piano, organ
stephen larosa: piano, toy piano
chris lightcap: bass
allison miller: drums

produced by jeff lederer and jamie saft

  1. me can not wear de great long face (trad. shaker)

  2. dismission of great i (music: lederer, text: trad.shaker)

  3. hack-a-ling, shack-a-ling (music: lederer, text: trad.shaker)

  4. balls of simplicity (lederer)

  5. from the moon / ine vine violet (trad.shaker)

  6. i am mothers (trad.shaker) / a gift song (source unknown)

  7. limber willow (trad.shaker)

  8. love and blessing (trad.shaker)

  9. sojourners song (music: lederer, text: sojourner truth

  10. song of colovin (trad.shaker)

  11. great i, little i (trad.shaker)

  12. thank god for women (albert ayler / mary maria parks)