sleepytime gorilla museum

grand opening and closing

2001 cd usa seeland

re-released with bonus material in 2006
    (2006, cd, usa, the end records te075)

dave shamrock: drums, piano
matthias bossi: drums, vocals, percussion
michael mellender: percussion, guitar
carla kihlstedt: violin, guitar, organ, voice
nils frykdahl: guitars, temple bells, voice
moe! staiano: performer, marimba, guitar, timpani
dan rathbun: bass guitar, electronics, effects, voice
frank grau: drums

produced by dan rathbun

  1. sleep is wrong
  2. ambugation
  3. ablutions
  4. 1997 (tonight we're gonna party like it's...)
  5. the miniature
  6. powerless
  7. the stain
  8. sleepytime (spirit is a bone)
  9. sunflower

    bonus material for the 2006 release
  10. more time
  11. flinch
  12. powerless (live)