the rudy schwartz project

tango lessons in a fascist whorehouse

2017 cdr-promo usa dc-jam records

also available as download

joe newman: all instruments
reverend ivan stang: vocal  1
david morrison: drums  14
bertram 'waffle pants' poindexter: astute observation  9
ham kallikak: iidecipherable grunting  1

all songs written by joe newman, except where noted

  1. tango lessons in a fascist whorehouse

  2. it's time for trump

  3. fortnight of glistening stumps

  4. hamburger

  5. rejoice, comrades! there is cabbage today!

  6. three  (denny zitlin)

  7. nice action out the backside

  8. love theme from "clovis, the unknown gospel monkey"

  9. push me pigeon

  10. oriental illusions  (bob nolan)

  11. we know you suck  (don redondo)

  12. vengeance, thy name is shemp

  13. powerful good coffee  (unknown)

  14. ma pomme  (jean marion)

  15. the last temptation of dabbs greer

  16. they didn't guard the pigs

  17. misery farm  (c. jay wallis)

  18. participation in the bunga bunga

  19. henry bliss