the rudy schwartz project

salmon dave

2017 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki

re-release of the 1988 / 1993 / 2012 album

joe newman: guitar, vocals
brooks coleman: drums
linda nowotny: vocals
kelly dooley: saxes
dave cameron: drums
lee ann cameron: mandolin, vocals
terry wooten: guitar, vocals
tim walsh: bagpipes

artwork by roy tompkins

  1. salmon moisture prelude
  2. salmon dave
  3. georgy girl (springfield, dale)
  4. ciriciribin (pestalozza, johnson)
  5. thanks for calling
  6. i'm no prude, but some things should just be banned
  7. criss cross (thelonious monk)
  8. tampon louie
  9. jimmy swaggart
  10. bbq pope (the butthole surfers)
  11. puncture wounds
  12. every breath you take (sting)
  13. chick corea's first ouija board
  14. condoms no.2
  15. the medicinal properties of chicken
  16. dudley do-right (fred steiner)
  17. the pincushion man (carl stalling)
  18. pop song
  19. moammar's tractor
  20. a nice selection of hasps (newman, coleman)