the rudy schwartz project

salmon dave

1988 k7 usa rat scum tape # 4

joe newman: guitar, bass, vocals
jamshid agahi: drums
leeann z.cameron: mandolin, vocals
brooks coleman: drums, percussion
kelly dooley: sax
linda nowotny: vocals
terry wooten: guitar, vocals

artwork by roy tompkins

  1. salmon moisture prelude
  2. salmon dave
  3. bbq pope (the butthole surfers)
  4. ciriciribin (pestalozza, johnson)
  5. government sanctioned atrophy
  6. i'm no prude, but some things sould just be banned
  7. moammar's tractor
  8. every breath you take (sting)
  9. chick corea's first ouija board
  10. condoms
  11. the medicinal properties of chicken
  12. mighty mouse (john seagall)
  13. dudley do-right (fred steiner)
  14. the pincushion man (carl stalling)
  15. i married bob
  16. criss-cross (thelonius monk)
  17. pop song
  18. feminism as a crutch
  19. cobweb hotel (sammy timberg, bob rothberg)
  20. jimmy swaggart
  21. polyps are forever
  22. salmon moisture trot rot