the rudy schwartz project

don't get charred... get puffy!
    incl. 'the black page' (frank zappa)

2018 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki

re-release of the 1992 album

joe newman: guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals, sequencing
jamshid agahi: drums 19
dave cameron: drums 4,6,10,12
dylan cameron: doodles 6
kelly dooley: sax & clarinet 19
dave irwin: bass, backing vocals 4,10,12,18
linda nowotny: spanish translations 6,9
patty ryland: blood orange solicitation 17
tim walsh: clarinet solo 11
terry wooten: lead guitar, backing vocals 4,7,10,12,14,15

artwork by roy tompkins

  1. visiting l.a.? why not castrate a cop?
  2. invasion of the chrome fish people
  3. barbecue bud's
  4. moammar's tractor
  5. strip naked, you sweet maggot
  6. cha cha with me, doodles
  7. condoms no.1
  8. creation science polka
  9. las bragas
  10. an orange is nothing but a juicy pumpkin
  11. django's waffle apparatus
  12. cracklin' rosie (neil diamond)
  13. nasty onion juice boy
  14. another surge of pacific moisture
  15. turn out the lights (and let my vomit come through)
  16. the black page (frank zappa)
  17. perfect egg salad every time
  18. don't pull your love (lambert, potter)
  19. kill for god