the rudy schwartz project

günther packs a stiffy
    – incl. 'frank' (joe newman) = about frank zappa

2017 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki

re-release from the 1995 / 2013 album, but with different tracks

joe newman: guitar, vocal
dave cameron: drums
dave irwin: bass
linda nowotny: vocals
tim walsh: sax
terry wooten: guitar
ivan stang: sampled interjection
mac mcnabb: guitars


  1. the beacon for tomorrow's breakfast
  2. enhanced florence henderson
  3. what's up (linda perry)
  4. pre-game hormonal transients
  5. waldo's demurral
  6. the dallas cowboys, jesus and me
  7. frank
  8. miracles
  9. sextet - lucia de lammermoor (gaetano doizetti)
  10. yodelin' satan
  11. foodplay
  12. theme from sweet movie
  13. would you fib the fbi? (zoogz rift)
  14. dtftiscwslabmuz (libby quinn)
  15. russian roulette with a condom
  16. hey darling, can i buy you a taco?
  17. miss jane
  18. albuquerque ball (mendoz, mossolov, newman)
  19. chunk and puff air
  20. ho daddy