the rudy schwartz project

full frontal klugman
   - incl. '11 poop hatcha cha'   (= '81 poop hatch' (don van vliet))

2018 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki dcj0057


  joe newman: guitar, keyboards, percussion, kazoos, armpit, sequencing, vocals
  elizabeth bass: vocal   3
  popess pantiara evokovitch  (a.k.a. rachael brinegar): vocal  4
  el queso:  munchkin vocals  9
  biliana raytcheva:  violin  7

all compositions by joe newman, except where noted

  1. pick a booger  (philo & sphinx drummond)

  2. meatloaf taste better now

  3. carry me back to the good ol' u.s.a.

  4. blood freak

  5. song of the coastal artillery women

  6. here comes mr. banjo

  7. le miroir brisť

  8. louisiana pancake batfish

  9. you're not rondo hatton

  10. this windfallen wood with the marvelous taste

  11. 11 poop hatcha cha   (= '81 poop hatch' (don van vliet))

  12. full frumberella

  13. uncle pinkerton explains

  14. who sucked the meat off my porkchop bone?