the rudy schwartz project

delicious ass frenzy

2017 cd usa dc-jam records / kunaki

remastered edition of the 2010 album

  all titles performed & sequenced by joe newman
elizabeth bass: whistling, vocals 8
doug czajkowski: lead/rhythm guitar 4
cas 'jo jo' knievel: inane interjections  2
bertram 'waffle pants' poindexter: inane interjections  2

all titles written by joe newman, except where noted

  1. delicous ass frenzy

  2. trailer queen  (based on 'killer queen' (f.mercury), lyrics by newman/lawson/wilcox, jagtisch)

  3. i fear the night, with apemen in canoes

  4. invasion of the chrome fish people

  5. perles de cristal  (georges hamel)

  6. at the illinois pole barn clusterfuck

  7. buncombe doubly damned

  8. scranton,pennsylvania

  9. stumpy

  10. field guidance to industrial establishments

  11. ton amour a change ma vie  (hal stanley, lucien brien, ben kay)