max schultz & erik söderlind

- incl. 'blessed relief' (frank zappa)

2009 cd sweden touché music tmccd 031


max schultz: guitar
erik söderlind: guitar
fredrik jonsson: bass
rené martinez: percussion

produced by jonas knutsson and laila & charles gavatin's foundation for jazz music

repertoire and arrangements: max schultz and erik söderlind

  1. mont-saxonnex  (erik söderlind)
  2. mimosa  (george benson)
  3. dedicated to you  (zavet, chaplin, cahn)
  4. road song  (wes montgomery)
  5. lotus feet  (john mclaughlin)
  6. bossa for pat metheny  (erik söderlind)
  7. for django  (joe pass)
  8. pat martino  (max schultz)
  9. john and paco  (max schultz)
  10. blessed relief  (frank zappa)
  11. drifting  (jimi hendrix)
  12. even steven  (abercrombie)
  13. song for sco  (max schultz)
  14. mr stoneface  (max schultz)