secret chiefs 3

eyes of flesh, eyes of flame

1999 cd usa web of mimicry wom-002

recorded live at slims, san francisco, ca, usa on august 18, 1998

eyvind kang: violin
danny heifetz: drums, percussion
trey spruance: guitar, keyboards
phil franklin: percussion, drums  7
john wayne law: bass
bär mckinnon: flute, keyboards, percussion


all music by trey spruance, except where noted

  1. adept chamber of the magian tevern
    inn of three doors
    theme from 23rd nade  (eyvind kang)
    inn of three doors
    ☠☠☠☠☠☠combat for the angel
    theory of the supreme ones  (ananda shankar)
    mary of magdalen  (eyvind kang)
  2. renunciation  (ananda shankar)
  3. jabalqa / jabarsa
  4. rose farden of the mystery  (r.d.burman)
  5. assassin's blade
  6. zulfikar
  7. ciocarlia  (traditional)