secret chiefs 3

 book of souls, folio a

2013 cd usa mimicry wom043

electromagnetic azoth

 produced by trey spruance

  1. ishraqiyun: balance of the 19  (trey spruance)
  2. electromagnetic azoth: potestas clavium  (trey spruance)
  3. trey spruance: post-identity hour (ams world newscorp)
  4. ur: personae: halloween  (john carpenter, arr. trey spruance)
  5. trey spruance: utopian weekly update (hvhi public access)  (trey spruance)
  6. forms: scorched earth saturnalia - ballet miniatures suite in 4 elemental movements  (trey spruance)
  7. trey spruance: full spectrum anamenesis  (trey spruance)
  8. ur: drive  (trey spruance)
  9. trey spruance: barzakh ik markers (aio radio narcissus)  (trey spruance)
  10. traditionalists: la chanson de jacky  (jacques brel, gerard jouannest, arr. trey spruance)
  11. trey spruance: toy soldier's frontline report (faust journal, dodecsma corp)  (trey spruance)
  12. ishraqiyun: tistrya  (trey spruance)