secret chiefs 3

book of horizons

1999 cd usa web of mimicry wom-002


first part of the "book of truth" trilogy

trey spruance: electric guitar, bass guitar, microtonal guitar, sympitar, keyboard, electric piano,acoustic piano, tack piano, clavinet, organ, percussion, dumbek, shaker, tambourine, add'l daf, santur, rabab, banjo, saz, sheng, synthesizer, sampler, soundscape, foley sound effects, electroacoustic treatment, vocals
jennifer cass: harp
rich doucette: esraj, sarangi
enemy: bass guitar, guitar, sampling
fatima: santur
jesse greere: vocals
timb harris: violin, viola
danny heifetz: drums
shahzad ismaily: percussion, dhol, mridangam, ghatam, zil,
eyvind kang: viola
jessica kinney: vocals
kevin kmetz: shamisen
ursula knudson: bowed saw
john merryman: drums
jesse quattro: vocals
jason schimmel: acoustic guitar
ches smith: drums
tim smolens: bass
william winant: drums, percussion, tabla, marimba, shaker, glockenspiel, gong, tubular bell, timpani,

all songs by trey spruance, except where noted

  1. forms: the end times

  2. ishraqiyun: the 4 (the great ishraqi sun)

  3. traditionalists: the indestructible drop

  4. holy vehm: exterminating angel

  5. forms: the owl in daylight

  6. traditionalists: the exile

  7. the electromagnetic azoth: on the wings of the haoma

  8. ur: book t - exodus (ernest gold)

  9. holy vehm: hypostasis of the archons

  10. traditionalists: the electrotheonic grail dove

  11. ishraqiyun: the 3 (afghan song) (traditional)

  12. the electromagnetic azoth: dj revisionist

  13. ur: anthropomorphosis: boxleitner

  14. forms: welcome to the theatron animatronique