savoldelli, casarano, bardoscia

the great jazz gig in the sky

2016 cd usa moonjune records mjr079

a trialog, based on pink floyd's "the dark side of the moon"

  boris savoldelli: all vocals, vocal noises and electronics
  raffaele casarano: saxes and electronics
  marlo bardosica: double bass and electronics
special guest
  dewa budjana: guitar  6
  wk569: backround sound manipulations  6, 7
  maurizio nobili: reciter  5, 9

executive production by leonardo pavkovic

  1. speak to me

  2. breathe

  3. on the run

  4. time

  5. the great gig in the sky / money

  6. us and them

  7. any colour you like

  8. brain damage

  9. eclipse