the rudy schwartz project

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2018 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam records / kunaki


 joe newman : all instruments
el gordo: baritone sax  6
david morrison: lead vocal  10, backing vocals  13
el queso: jew's harp  6, 11
ivan stang: narration  3
terry wooten: electric guitar  1

performed, sequenced, mixed and mastered by joe newman
all songs written by joe newman

  1. hunky dunky
  2. sonny bono's spine
  3. broderick and the magic caterpillar
  4. amotional support hamster in the walnut room
  5. ruth buzzi has a lot of tension in her eyeball
  6. his anus was brown
  7. you can go home with your chicken
  8. odour of dung
  9. las bragas #2
  10. three headed woman
  11. teargas bracketed thrust
  12. schedule 80 nipple
  13. your guns
  14. strange world
  15. john wilkes booth and abraham lincoln danced naked around the campfire singing tra la, tra la, tra la