the rudy schwartz project

take me in your arms and sing to me like dick powell

2019 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam / kunaki


all titles performed & sequenced by joe newman
elizabeth bass:
clarinet  15
el queso: backing vocals  8
waldo ham: vocal  3

all titles written by joe newman, except where noted

  1. face down in a hobo's urine
  2. citizen monkey subdues the white bone demon
  3. my republican neighbor
  4. the medicinal properties of chicken
  5. i was wrong about tomato juice
  6. dead nazi by the side of the road
  7. ass and hammer
  8. my uncle in saskatchewan
  9. brain to lung
  10. testicular pbucker circus clowns
  11. la petite tonkinoise  (vincent scotto, henri christiné)
  12. thrill seekers on manchego beach
  13. the stench from the libyan fart plaza
  14. wailin' jack
  15. demonstration of the peach and brush