the rudy schwartz project

twenty smash hits from the montréal years

2017 cd usa dc-jam records / kunaki

= compilation

  joe newman: all instruments
  elizabeth bass: vocal  3  flute, vocal  9  whistling  15
  david morrison: lead vocal  4
  el queso: munchkin vocals  18

all songs written by joe newman, except where noted

  1. bagpipe benny

  2. who sucked the meat off my porckhop bone?

  3. carry me back to the good ol' u.s.a.

  4. moist towelettes

  5. at the illinois polebarn clusterfuck

  6. le twist gnossien  (erik satie)

  7. stumpy

  8. under pressure  (david bowie, queen)

  9. happy smiling nipple boy

  10. my pal foot foot  (dot wiggin)

  11. hoppy, the sheetrock bunny

  12. hugh beeaumont's brain

  13. a better tomorrow

  14. cockadoodledoo

  15. scranton, pennsylvania

  16. the year they switched to cornmeal

  17. bring back the old sock days

  18. you're not rando hatton

  19. sarah palinpussy juice

  20. ton amour a changé ma vie  (hal stanley, lucien brien and ben kay)