the rudy schwartz project

adjacent to the latex gerbil

2021 cdr-on-demand usa dc-jam / kunaki


all titles performed & sequenced by joe newman
plus guests

all titles written by joe newman

  1. the south won't rise again
  2. ed asner's head
  3. when the baboons come down from oatmeal ridge
  4. granny trout is aroused by the erotic spatula dance
  5. rise up, you sinners
  6. intelligent design
  7. adjacent to the latex gerbil
  8. horse brain endocasts
  9. inconguity #6
  10. may-o-naize
  11. please don't bring mamaw
  12. minnesota
  13. welcoming the bandaged mule
  14. farley granger's oxygen tent
  15. avant de me dire adieu